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XOXO, Neal

☆ XOXO, Neal ☆
7 December 1984
Mafia Island
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dragon age 2 is eating my soul.

my dragon age 2 love tends to be on tumblr beingevil & my dragon age 2 specific twitter @errantheart.
ordinary twitter is @beingevil.

let me express my feelings with someone else's art.

art by tehnazzy

original source subtext: or the police report would have mentioned it
I prefer the inspirational source subtext: i noticed when you stole mine, but you can keep it.
source image!

mi casa es suit casa.

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I run a White Collar-only Twitter @nealhimself and am beingevil @ Tumblr.


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In summary, I love White Collar, Hanna is Not A Boy's Name, and Arthur.



please remember that the handcuffs are for your safety.

Also this place was seriously wild Mafia partyland for a long long time; you'll find the evidence everywhere if you go back far enough.
Most important things I did there? Altor translations (all of the Gokudera/Tsuna Altor Path), loving on the manga in the early-mid Future Arc, and loving on Gokudera/Tsuna in a major, major way. The crazy memories kinda attest to that.

Neal & Peter, as (unwittingly) drawn by Rich Burlew.

comic!source: Maybe He Can Get Credit for Time Served
White Collar dialogue!source:Season 1 Episode 6: All In

being incredibly inappropriate, being not-so-secretly sadistic, best thing ever, changing your mind, elizabeth tops forever, elizabeth/peter/neal, fbi come to hug!, handcuffs for your safety, hey i like inappropriate, i trust you, neal himself, neal/peter, peter burke, peter is my hero, peter/neal, say it anyway, suits and cons, the tim&matty show, this is so inappropriate, tik tok don't stop, tim dekay, totally collared, trust me, white collar, you are so inappropriate!, you matter to me