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XOXO, Neal
White Collar - Congratulations on Your F
.intro post
(or, as close to one as you're going to get)
more here, and a profile post over here.

You can find out a whole lot about what I'm like from these. :D

These are the books I like to read. (also, Harry Dresden).

I do think you know everything you need to know about the persona behind this journal via the profile, and, well, even this.

(Some of the) Music I Like.Collapse )

I've always wanted to ask this question since seeing it on makeste's 5 Questions Meme, and I liked it, so:

tell me:
What would your position be in the mafia?

My instantaneous answer?
"Frustrated defence counsel.
Wondering, Why the hell did you get caught?!
And why the hell was I landed with you

So I give you what purports to be an Italian proverb:
A good lawyer makes a bad neighbor.

... I can see where they're coming from, actually.

Pretty much the only cartoon lawyer spoof I've ever liked and not wanted to hurl into the nearest wall was, oddly enough, Harvey Birdman (judge if ye wish, but there is this one episode, about copyright infringement, that involves accurate spoken Japanese, and Peanut announcing, "Every time we conclude a deal, WE BLOW SOMETHING UP." I was doing intellectual property law when I first saw it, and I loved it on sight.

Also, Harvey Birdman? Had mafia lawyers. Check out the opening sequence for The Dabba Don, which parodies the Flintstones, criminal prosection/defense, and the Sopranos.

Basically, Harvey Birdman is a legal-world parody of existing cartoon characters (they put Yogi Bear on trial, there is nothing sacred to them), and the The Dabba Don has Fred Flintstone facing charges for being named a mob boss.

What I liked? The scene where they reworked actual Flintstones cartoon footage as video evidence proving conclusively that Fred Flintstone is totally mafia. And when the prosecution begins the case with the following speech:

"Meet... the Flintstones. They're the mobbish Stone-Age family. From the villa of Bedrock. They're a page right out of Godfather 3!
When we try Fred Flintstone, he's gonna do some time.
Oh yes! A lot of JAA-IIIILLLL Time."
22nd-Jul-2011 09:34 pm - give me love love give it all away
White Collar - .The Tim & Matty Show ♡
Off to London for the next three weeks! Gonna miss you all, and I will try very hard not to draw tigers in the margin of my textbooks.

If you want a postcard from London, I'd love to send postcards, for those people whose addresses I don't already have! ♥ (Those whose addresses I already have, expect fun :D) Send me a LJ message with your address, or with your email address so we can exchange details ♥

Looking forward to seeing little_ribbon & elenilote & everyone else!

- I was staring at my black turtleneck (which I had left hanging on my closet door for the past two days) thinking but it reminds me of Erik Lensherr :( - even though I bought it last year. It is warm and light and so I took it with me in the end.
- Youngest sibling came into my room this afternoon to cram as much Annoyance and Botheration as he could into the time we had left before we both took off. It's a ritual of sorts, I think, he loves it.

(the koi in the airport are ever so pretty. and plump. and look like they would make good eating. ♥)
20th-Jul-2011 05:12 pm - I must express my FEELINGS
White Collar - Congratulations on Your F
It occurs to me that I actually want to put down my thoughts about my Dragon Age 2 playthrough(s), even if they are actually discourses on the party members.

Thoughts on my feelings on Anders and Fenris in my first DA2 playthrough. spoilers. lots of them. Following up on this. Aka the Playthrough of Endless Surprises, Even Though I Had Been Utterly Spoiled.

Wow, I forgot I had an LJ tag for sexy tortured Anders.Collapse )

Another surprise: DAMN IT FENRIS.Collapse )
19th-Jul-2011 03:10 am - my god I have not updated in FOREVER
Dragon Age 2 - give me justice
an update, for there has not been one in very long:

1. Many changes there have been;

2. Just got back from Japan: Fukuoka, Miyajima, Hiroshima (a surprise visit), Kyoto and Tokyo in 7 days. Kyoto was an oven. Tokyo was heaven because of the breezes. Disneysea was amazing, and the evening show was spectacular. First went there with lacewood and rei_kurasaki, missed you both so much!

3. Off to London for three weeks; at the end of next week. Good wishes much appreciated ♥ Also, if you happen to be in London and want to meet up, I would love to. ♥ Looking forward to seeing little_ribbon and risax and farfello again!

Movies: Transformers, Harry Potter, X-Men. No Spoilers.Collapse )

7. Had an awesome DA2 party in June with manic_intent, nemesis, elvaron, theprerogative, mangy_mongrel, tokei and my friend with the gorgeous white fluffy Samoyed at whose feet I lay the blame (the dog, not the owner) for my pathological inability to kick Fenris (metaphorically speaking).

tales of party, and also why I cannot kick elf that reminds me of gorgeous dog.Collapse )

8. amarukei was over today and we had a DA2 and Tiger and Bunny and Kuroshitsuji seiyuu party. After which she introduced DA2 to her sister and the result is +2 to Team Fenris.

Also Tiger & Bunny is AWESOME, and I thought I would like Koutetsu inexplicably AND I DO. :) I love his funny faces and I want to hug him ALL the time.
Dragon Age 2 - give me justice

1. Last night theprerogative, M and I crashed elvaron's house at the eleventh hour to:
a. spend time with her ♥
b. visit her adorable corgi boy (btw check out royal corgi art!);
c. check out her pretty blond and gray-eyed custom Hawke. As a result of her customisation she got one of the prettier (and long-haired!) iterations of Carver. But in a clear case of we always want what we do not have, both of us think the other's Carver is better looking;
d. have this conversation:

elvaron: There was that time Fenris ate an entire bagful of them and then [had to be induced to reverse the process].
M: That was when I realised that M&Ms were not chocolate.
Me: o.O
elvaron: The deleterious effects of chocolate vary depending on portion consumed relative to body mass.
Me: But wasn't Fenris. Rather large.
elvaron: He was a puppy then.

Fenris is the name of a dog. I realised later that I wasn't sure if we were talking about the same Fenris (the one I was talking about was a husky with very similar issues to what DA2 Fenris has), but all the same please do not name your dogs Fenris, they might end up with issues.

2. nemesis is writing Dragon Age fic I AM SO HAPPY. nemesis also now has a standing invite to my next DA2 gaming session (which will probably include tokei and mangy_mongrel; theprerogative and elvaron may not be up to a repeat session / can come later so I can show them the other bits.

(a) I really really loved nemesis's Leandra-centric fic. MOMMY!Hawke is so awesome here omg. ♥ It is also m!Hawke/Fenris, but the central character is Leandra. AUGH MY HEART.
(b) She also wrote Anders meets Discworld's Death.

3. I am procrastinating my DA2 advance because I (a) cannot bring myself to do All That Remains; (b) cannot bring myself to do what the end of Act 2 entails. I'VE GOT TO MAGE UP AND GET IT OVER WITH.

4. demoerin wrote choreography to Yamamoto doing a striptease and broke my brain so badly that I switched my LJ to Spanish while attempting to reply. Several times. And by that I mean I switched my journal language several times. OHHHHH MY HEAD. ED YOU ARE SO BAD FOR ME. I wish we lived in the same country so I could invite you home and you could check out Dragon Age and we could laugh about it together.

5. Have you ever read Walter Moers' City of Dreaming Books? I love it, by the way, it's awesome. Try it! There are creatures in there called booklings, who live off reading books. Reading books sustains them the same way eating food does humans. Substantial books fill them up like a buffet spread, reading poetry volumes is akin to snacking.

Reading manic_intent's fics kind of has the same effect on me: one of her AUs can pretty much leave me utterly content for a day and beyond. After that I am NO MORE FIC READING TODAY because I am so content.

Today I was reading The Last Inch (Hawke/Anders AU), which was omg so awesome. Also Red Queen (also a Hawke/Anders AU) is so awesome that I think every time I play the game I will bemoan the fact that it did not end like this fic.

6. It is election season in my country, which means we are being treated to events like this:

One Side: The mages are emotionally blackmailing you into siding with them! If you side with them you will REGRET IT FOREVER, for if you let them come to power your streets will be overrun with blood mages and abominations and the CITY WILL FALL. APOSTATES KNOW NOTHING of temperance and governance and if you are not with us you are AGAINST US.

eta: manic_intent had an excellent point and it was: "THEY LET THEM TRY IN TEVINTER AND SEE WHAT HAPPENED"

Other Side: CAST OFF YOUR SHACKLES! RISE UP WITH US for you have been oppressed for so long!

Or, as Mr Brown puts it: We're "stuck between Vader saying we will become Tatooine & Leia saying we're her only hope."

Except our version of Leia says we're her secret weapons, which has more of a ring to it.

please have an artistic representation of what election season looks like here,
represented via Dragon Age 2 art.

warning: not entirely worksafe, I think.
23rd-Apr-2011 01:46 am - just someone in a summer town
White Collar - Congratulations on Your F
theprerogative, runesque & stelf were over today: there was food and crazy card games & dragon age 2 and Chrissie and I have TOTALLY lost our voices but it was awesome. I may need to communicate with elvaron tomorrow via laptop or sign language.

my life what is it

So I had friends over to play Dragon Age 2 - I love this because you get to see how similar - and how different - your friends are from you. Loved that we all picked YOU USED ME at Fenris after his quest.

However I was the only Anders-leaning player in an ABYSS of people who liked Fenris. It was heartbreaking.
Also because I love my friends I went about on Fenris missions and I was ...
seriously is this my life.

Anyway there is this funky place on the Internet called the A Softer Thedas Tumblr - it basically takes a softer world and puts it through Dragon Age lenses.

my hands-down favourite:
nobody could love you like I couldCollapse )

dragon age talkCollapse )
Also Fenris is totally my Yamamoto I knew this before I played the game and it is TOTALLY TRUE. /runs into wall.
White Collar - Congratulations on Your F
A brief summary of this Extremely Long and Graphic-Filled Post:

1. I have started playing Dragon Age 2.
2. This, is ENTIRELY manic_intent's FAULT; because she played it and wrote so much awesome Anders/Hawke fic that I caved and played my first Xbox game EVER.
This is actually the surefire way to get me into any fandom no matter how inconvenient: good fanfiction is my fandom Kryptonite, in the sense of I AM SO WEAK TO IT YOU CANNOT EVEN IMAGINE. I watched White Collar because of the fanfiction, I am playing Dragon Age 2 because of the fanfiction!
(You can also get Dragon Age 2 is on the PC and PS3, by the way: I'm just using the Xbox 'cause it's the familial console of choice.)

Anyway the real reason you might want to play Dragon Age 2 is:
I mean just look at these guys
they are so cute - I want to take them all home.


Aren't they adorable?

image heavy - dragon age 2 art & screencaps
No Spoilers except for the section marked Anders/Fenris

which is not a spoiler, it is only wishful thinking.

so THIS is what it looks likeCollapse )

Dragon Age 2 Act 1 Spoilers Here
Also, I ship Anders/Fenris SO HARD.Collapse )
END of Dragon Age 2 Act 1 Spoilers

you get lots of dialogue choices & character customisation!Collapse )

pretty members of your party:

sparkly mage thingCollapse )

the elf your elf could brood like (I'M ON A MABARI.)
aka pretty, angsty elf thingCollapse )
White Collar - Congratulations on Your F
There are only three ways I get into video games: through (1) manic_intent writing fic for & playing them, (2) amarukei playing them & telling me they are awesome, and (3) my brother playing them. These three people are my triumvirate of gamer knowledge, and with them I cover both the Western & JRPG world. (It has been observed that it is not difficult to get me into fandoms, all that is needed is to sit me down and pour said fandom on me. The only difficulty, it is also said, is to get me to sit down for long enough. I have to say that linking me well-written fic really, really helps, and I got into White Collar & HINABN through fanfiction.)

As manic_intent has been writing Dragon Age 2 fic, and nescienx and firestorm717 have both been playing it, you know what this means. :D

I have not played this game. As you can see, this will never actually stop me as long as there is good fic to be had. (And as long as the Dragon Age Wikia & the appropriate TVTropes entry exist for data-scouring.)

In the interests of my being able to close some ~20 open tabs, here is a Dragon Age 2 fanart rec/linkdump.

Dragon Age 2 Fanart

Just in case: SPOILERS FOR EVERYTHING. Also, a great deal of slash.

objective favouritesCollapse )

personal favouritesCollapse )
so, Fenris = basically every JRPG cliche ever.Collapse )

Spoilers. Also, no het whatsoever. And I pick my favourite romance videos by how hard they make me laugh. Well, at least for Anders.

Favourite guy!Hawke romance videos.Collapse )
Why is Bruno Mars' Grenade suddenly playing in my head.
5th-Mar-2011 01:33 am - BACK FROM THE NEARLY DEAD
White Collar - Congratulations on Your F
Kinda fell into the abyss of work again. Went through a bad spell - thank you everybody for your support & love & prayers; they were very very much appreciated and helped me through a tough time.


1. izkariote is doing a survey for female gamers in Singapore & the Philippines between the ages of 15 - 30. If you are one, or happen to know one: it'd be great if you could help fill this in or spread the word. ♥

2. LJ's offering a free two-week Paid Account trial. :D

3. demoerin linked to a JK Rowling official original backstory for James & Sirius. It's written on both sides of a once-blank card that went for £25,000 at a charity auction.

Stranger than fiction, eh.

4. You should also read demoerin's A Few Dirty Tricks between Friends - Primo-era fic. :D It makes me so HAPPY.

5. Also I inflicted White Collar on a friend and she fell asleep on my couch. This is the reality, people. It's kind of like the visual equivalent of warm milk for her.

Need I say this is a .GIF?
Despite the fact that THIS totally happened in the previous episode of White Collar!Collapse )
4th-Feb-2011 01:17 am - tall, dark & dangerous
White Collar - Congratulations on Your F

1. Kate Beaton (of Hark! A Vagrant) has posted Her Comics, By Korean Children. Basically, a teacher friend of hers erased all the dialogue from her comic strips and had his Korean students fill them in. HILARIOUS.

2. Namco's Tales of Graces: F will be localised. Interesting. As much as I'd love it to come to the Wii, the fact that they're localising F will make it more likely it'll be a PS3 release.

3. In that vein, have a lovely English-scanlated young!Hubert doujinshi, done with the artist's permission for distribution.

4. Check out the extended scenes from the White Collar pilot! Funny thing was that the extended scenes were in the international pilot (which was never shown in the US, and not released on the DVD), so for a while, the only versions available were dubbed. These are in the original English.

5. The latest White Collar episode (titled What Happens in Burma) is about MAJOR ROFL for me.Collapse )

6. So I talked about Martha Wells' book Death of a Necromancer here, and I just wanted to say more about it (lacewood should also do a pimp post that isn't as... shall I say, slanted as mine will be).

Death of a Necromancer is about the greatest thief in the city of Ile-Rien, Nicholas Valiarde, who runs his illustrious criminal career under the alias Donatien, while he carries on business as a (relatively) modest, law-abiding art dealer. Inspector Ronsarde (who works closely with a Doctor Halle) has been investigating Donatien for years, and has come close to uncovering Nicholas's plots.

So I'm going to tell you why you should read this book.

massive spoilers follow.
in which a thief and an inspector have a fascinating and sometimes hilarious relationship.Collapse )
White Collar - Congratulations on Your F
I was just telling half_sleeping that I was re-reading The Queen of Attolia and cannot stop imagining Sara Ellis (Hilarie Burton) as (the Queen of) Attolia. There were immensely satisfying screams of CANNOT UNSEE, to which I said:


lacewood lent me her Martha Wells books: specifically, she lent me the Fall of Il-Rien series, and Death of a Necromancer. There were four books in the bag, and I decided I'd pick one up at random to read. And out of the four books I picked, completely at random: Death of a Necromancer, which is summarised as follows:

Nicholas Valiarde is a passionate, embittered nobleman with an enigmatic past. Consumed by thoughts of vengeance, he is consoled only by thoughts of the beautiful, dangerous Madeline*. He is also the greatest thief in all of Ile-Rien.

Under cover of darkness on the streets of the gaslit city, he assumes the guise of a master criminal, stealing jewels from wealthy nobles to finance his quest for vengeance...Collapse )

I loved this book! Clearly lacewood has awesome taste and I should submit to it more often. Quick thoughts and spoilers.Collapse )
24th-Jan-2011 11:04 pm - walking in New York City
White Collar - Congratulations on Your F
Been working on auditors' duties and express trusts for the last few days, so my mind reallllly needs a visual!rest.

Before I break out the .GIFs, you should know that amaliak has done a White Collar NYC Walking Tour (link has photographs).

I considered doing one when I was in New York, but as I only had time to really do Manhattan, I did a "Walk Around and Spot White Collar locations" tour. *laughs* The ones I really loved were Grand Central Station (one of the friends I went with watches White Collar, so I was pointing at Pershing Square and going "Neal! Mozzie! Kate! Here! Telephone!" and gesticulating), Rockefeller Centre, Central Park (MOZZIIIIIEEEE), JFK Airport ("Neal stole a car here," I said). I believe I passed Gramercy Park and Trinity Church thinking they were very pretty but not aware of the White Collar connection.

Seriously Gratuitous .GIF Party

I am THIS HAPPY White Collar is back!Collapse )

And I've said this before, but I'm gonnna say it again: Neal and Peter's relationship can totally be summarised with these two words:

YES. NO. Collapse )
6th-Jan-2011 12:50 am - the long kiss goodnight
White Collar - .The Tim & Matty Show ♡
This post is 80% gratuitous content & 20% actual data.

1. (.GIF behind cut) I wish to express my feelings on the imminent return of White Collar (January 18th).Collapse )

2. Completely gratuitous Matt Bomer photographs under cut.Collapse )
3. Joseph Gordon-Levitt looking really stylish.Collapse )

4. WARNING: Numerous spoilers for multiple series in link: Source for spoilers for yet another fourth-wall breaking Supernatural episode. Supernatural Spoilers here.Collapse )
You may partake of the ontd_spnparty reaction here (WARNING: NOT WORKSAFE for .GIF).
Thoughts on the Supernatural Spoilers.Collapse )

5. Been watching Season 5 of Dexter with the siblings, and it's realllly awesome.

6. manic_intent is asking if Glenn Cook's The Black Company series is worth reading, and since I really like the series (my $0.02 here (general spoilers for the light/dark/depressing tone of the series)), if any of you reading this have read it, thoughts would be much appreciated!
5th-Jan-2011 11:34 pm - dragons & thieves and conmen!
Neal - Approves All Over the Place
I am off to China for nearly two weeks! But until then:


1. There is a new HINABN update! Hanna & Zombie standalone strip. (dA link here)

2. A new White Collar promo for Burke's Seven (the January 18th episode White Collar returns with) has been released. Summary and spoilers.Collapse )


3. A friend was reading China Miéville's Looking for Jake (link contains spoilers): I will try this soon as I can get my hands on a copy.

4. Timothy Zahn wrote a YA series about thieves and con men and dragons. In space. It's the Dragonback series, and begins with Dragon and Thief</i>. SummaryCollapse )

I read this series quite some time ago, and I only remembered it recently, when amandes said I had a type and I denied it vociferously. Ha ha.Collapse )

Just Life

5. Today it was raining as I got home, and as we were getting ready for dinner, I was washing (preparation) dishes in the sink, my brother was frying eggs, and the youngest was ironing clothes; and I looked at all of us and said, "THIS IS SO DOMESTIC."

6. It's funny how you can settle down and read a book undisturbed for the better part of an hour, and the second you get on the phone with a friend, no less than three family members decide they must come and speak to you immediately for completely separate reasons in succession.
Neal - Approves All Over the Place
Today I met with lacewood, rei_kurasaki and amandes (who sweetly turned up at my last-minute request) to catch The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (the live-action series AAA I meant the movie, thanks narugami!).

I recommend that you not go to watch it, especially if you watched the anime!movie and loved it.

ANYWAY! As promised and discussed during dinner:

Hark! A Vagrant Yuletide Fanfiction
(Tag for all AO3 works)
All recs/story links link to the source comics.

1. I am Acton Bell's Metaphorical Manhood: The one about the Bronte sisters.

Of course, the obligatory This is totally White Collar! association-link-proof.
'Don’t be ridiculous,' Charlotte snaps. 'I won’t accept anyone short of a convicted felon.'Collapse )

2. Two Watson!fics: A Cunning Plan - Things go awry when Watson hatches a cunning plan to rid himself of stupid Watson and gay Watson. Featuring the Holmes & Watson from a recent BBC series.

3. This is my favourite: Well This Is Just Weird - Holmes needs Watson's help with a very strange case indeed. I really like the ending. Also featuring the Holmes & Watson from a recent movie.

4. And, the work after my heart: The Squid Is A Metaphor: A Post/FandomSecrets / Nemesis!Pirate / Squid! / Cat! crossover. Sadly this is not the steamy Brigand/Nemesis hatesex fic both rei_kurasaki and I (and I suspect a few of you, if you read Hark! A Vagrant) want, but this is pretty darn funny. I love the pirate!secrets, they are awesome. I should totally find White Collar pictures to pair them up with.

And, for rei_kurasaki (who ships Ezio/Leonardo and Shaun/Desmond just like me):

Assassin's Creed Recs/Fascinating Links

1. The LJ community is nothingtrue, and it gave us the fantastic news article in which Shaun's actor Danny Wallace discovers slash fiction. About him. IT IS HILARIOUS.

2. Fic-wise I rec everything AC by manic_intent. I started reading AC fic because of her. Her AC fic is listed in her memories here or by the AC tag on her LJ here.

Favourite stories are:

a. The Vitruvian Man (Part 1) and Part 2 (AC:II, Ezio/Leonardo);

b. Dangerous Liaisons (Part 1) and Part 2 (AC: Brotherhood, Cesare/Leonardo, Ezio/Leonardo).
1st-Jan-2011 06:54 pm - HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!
Neal - Approves All Over the Place

(this is here because this picture made me laugh.)
RL, New Year's Eve & history.Collapse )

(In other words, my favourite shots from
the most recently released Matt Bomer photoshoot.
I present to you the definition of fanservice!Collapse )
White Collar - Congratulations on Your F
(fic & photograph completely unrelated & not even in the same fandom,
but I cannot get it out of my head.
I have this thing for brothers and the apocalypse.)

You sit up slowly, feeling drowsiness slipping from you like water. It leaves you cold. "Peter," you manage, pausing to moisten at your chapped lips, "Peter. What's going on?"

But Peter isn't listening. He's still whispering things like, "I wish I could take it all back. Do it right.Collapse )

I'm Here For You, ruins_of_sodom (original!fic; warning: apocalypse!fic)
(picture source)
30th-Dec-2010 12:51 am - yes, I needed ALL those tags.
White Collar - Congratulations on Your F
Because this is so crazy it needed it's own post:

King Julien- Santa Claus is Coming to Madagascar (Music Video)

1. I love the part where Julian tells you that it is actually a little creepy that Santa sees you when you're sleeping, and that him knowing when you're awake means that he's in your house.

2. It says "Happy Julianuary", so I should post it now;

3. The Sibling linked it to me, and then we showed it to the entire family;

4. If you actually want to run the risk of your head exploding, try Madagascar: The 12 Days of Christmas. (They only get through to 8 Days, but you might be crazy by then; and then they launch into Deck the Halls and you really might go crazy from that one);

5. There is a somewhat-funny tale relating to that first video: I was having an incredibly stressful day at work (if you're working during the holiday season, you're covering for everyone who's gone on leave, and sometimes you not only have a) files you are completely unfamiliar with; b) complicated new issues c) "I want it by 1pm tomorrow" end deadlines), and then I got a text message from the youngest (entirely out of the blue), and the following exchange resulted:

Youngest brother: Shake it! Shake it! Shake it like a snowglobe!
Youngest brother: HE'S IN YOUR HOUSE!!!!

I felt so much better thereafter.
Neal - Approves All Over the Place
In celebration of the fact that there is less than a month left to White Collar returning on January 18th, I have been inflicting the second season on my family, with hilarious results:

My mom (my mom!) was watching Unfinished Business and exclaimed "Ooh, my favourite man!" early in the show, and I was so so so delighted because she meant Mozzie. (Sometimes she's so cute I can't believe she's my mom.)

If I had to name the Most Unexpected Familial Reaction to White Collar.Collapse )

Fic/Art that made me Very Very Happy

0. If you click on no other link on this post, click on this one: I keep re-reading tongari's 25 Lives (illustrated short story, not entirely worksafe) and falling in love with it over and over again.

1. demoerin linked me to fabulous Yuletide (cut for spoilers) fic of my favourite Queen's Thief pairing.Collapse )

2. robotlove (hi ♥) found this truly fascinating Code Geass/Inception crossover (I have yet to finish reading it, but I am putting it down here so I can remember it), also Rolo = Arthur, I am a happy person.

(You knew it was coming) White Collar

3. Matt Bomer singing It Only Takes A Moment live - Youtube link here. He has an amazing singing voice, which of course led to calls for undercover!singing!Neal.

4. I would personally like Neal to go undercover in a New York jazz bar and sing Me and My Shadow. Frank Sinatra version here, Robbie Williams version here.
This is why it's perfect.Collapse )

5. White Collar Fixation linked elrhiarhodan's A Writer's Guide to White Collar Character Names. I like it best for the quick way of remembering Conman-in-Chief's first name: it's Neal as in "steal".

6. The perfect White Collar Christmas song: Josh Groban's The Bells of New York City (love the NYC cityscapes!).

Sing to me one song for joy and one for redemption, and whatever's in between that I call mineCollapse )
24th-Dec-2010 02:57 am - now where HAVE I seen that before?
White Collar - .The Tim &amp; Matty Show ♡
White Collar Link Party

1. micheleeeex (who together with jrosemary are responsible for my daily White Collar fix) linked this new White Collar promo. Thoughts.Collapse )

2. We have a new White Collar promotional imageCollapse )
3. jrosemary linked pfyre's AWESOME post on a M/M novel (not worksafe) that might sound really familiar to you if you've watched White Collar.Collapse )

4. If you want another publicly-available alternative, this comment linked Shadow of the Templar, a 4-novel webseries about a brilliant young FBI agent and an unpredictable international art thief. And yes, they go there. If you're like me and like to check out TVTropes before attempting a series, here's the link.

5. Matt & Tim; and Tim's alleged fanfiction-writing habits.Collapse )

6. mikenno has graciously linked me pixiv tags for Japanese White Collar fanart. Neal features prominently, as one might imagine.

7. By way of micheleeeex again: Matt Bomer and some seriously adorable kids.Collapse )
White Collar - Congratulations on Your F
In which there is massive linkspam and much talk of BOOKS and works by people who write them.

1. Now that demoerin and also amandes have read the Queen's Thief series (glee), I can talk about The King of Attolia! To protect everyone else who wishes to avoid spoilers, I'm going to talk about it in the last point on this post.

2. Most of the fanfiction for the Thief series out there revolves around the main pairing (which is sadly not my cup of tea), but the works I do like are all gen (ha ha) and are:

a. (Spoilers for the first book only) rosalui's The Nature of a Thief: Gen backstory. Gen's first riding lesson is HILARIOUS.
b. (Spoilers to the third book) Ten Gold Cups: Costis makes good on his promise.
c. (AU, spoilers to third book, major character death) cast me gently into morning: AU, major character death, Attolia POV, heartbreaking. I do not think this is a story fervent canon fans will like (I can hear the cries of omg never!!! from here), but I liked it well enough.

3. This is from way back when, but I keep forgetting this is the reason I started reading Temeraire in the first place, so: naominovik held The Ultimate Genre Crossover Challenge, and lacewood won it (and an autographed copy of His Majesty's Dragon) with a long way to sangre. I might not even have read the book had she not lent it to me (I know, the horror, the horror). Now I own my own set and have bought it to gift it to others on grounds of YOU MUST READ THIS, HERE, HAVE IT I KNOW YOU WILL LIKE IT (I have not been wrong there).

4. sarahtales posted a short story set during The Demon's Covenant, Nick and Jamie Go To The Movies (Part 1) and Part 2. I love these two interacting. The second book really made me a very, very happy Nick/Jamie shipper (in this regard, the first book made me happy, second made me happier still). She also has a post on visiting Egypt, which is hilarious, and tells you how ancient Egyptian pharaohs were all about the if you like it, you should('ve) put a plaque on it.

5. SPOILERS for The King of Attolia BEHIND CUT.

The Summary of My Favourite Scenes in The King of Attolia; also known as:
The Tale of the Tsundere Bodyguard and his Apparently-Clueless BossCollapse )
19th-Dec-2010 02:59 am - an endless update
White Collar - Congratulations on Your F
THINGS I am grateful for, in every order of everything:

1. I met the lovely runesque & theprerogative for drinks and a Christmas gift exchange tonight: I now have a gorgeous scarf that looks as if it's been woven from moonbeams and cobwebs by way of runesque.

2. Thank you everybody who remembered and celebrated my birthday with me!

a. theprerogative and tokei took me out for dinner and made me wear bunny ears because I was an hour late by way of work, heh; and I now have this really classy formal dress from theprerogative (it's of a kind I've always admired on other people, and always made mental notes to get for myself if the opportunity ever arose);
b. amandes was a total darling and was the first person to wish me happy birthday; also thank you for the adorable hand-made card and samoyed (!!!) and blue-eyed white fluffy dog!;
c. little_ribbon did this gorgeous gorgeous thing and was a sweetheart as always:

d. hemera_oneiroi and julineci took me out to dinner and gave me this lovely and incredibly soft sakura-patterned scarf ♥ ;
e. cynic_in_charge remembered and called all the way from where she was ♥ ♥ ♥ ;
f. aingeal_isilme (she's active over here on Tumblr, and you can check out her art here and on HitRECord) did this gorgeous, gorgeous:

White Collar / Hanna is Not A Boy's Name crossover artCollapse )

g. Thank you also to everybody who wished me a happy birthday ♥ ♥ ♥ Thank you to everybody RL who is not reading this and also my brain is emitting white noise from the awesome and I think I have forgotten things AAAAA.

3. Other awesome things that occurred in the etherworld on the day:

a. THIS made me smile so hard: jrosemary's Which is your favourite Out of Context White Collar picture Poll. IT WAS HILARIOUS and I could hardly pick one. I realllly wanted an option that said ALL of the above.
b. astolat's baby girl was born! (astolat wrote one of my favourite White Collar fics ever: Taking Liberties). (haha, I share a birthday with a fandom baby)

4. Met elvaron with mutual friends for lunch at place that does potato salad with bacon and dill, and also has really comfy chairs and water you can help yourself to (I am a fiend for water, I drink it like a fish).

5. arrch & nescienx were in town, and we got to hang out at STGCC with lysistarielle and sarahcoldheart.

6. khursten and izkariote were in town for STGCC, and we hung out with amandes and tasogareika and there were awesome presentations along the lines of this.

4th-Dec-2010 01:39 am - get down, get down, get down tonite
White Collar - Congratulations on Your F
All White Collar, (Nearly) All the Time

1. suebsg9 posted this lovely spoilery post with Season 2 Episode 10 and 11 stills on whitecollar_tv!

Also, "forging bonds" has two meanings when it comes to Neal. One is decidedly criminal and the other makes me go AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW when it involves Peter.


2. Check out wc_no_spoilers: the community name is self-explanatory, really. I am loving the Daily Dose of White Collar, in which White Collar screenshots are paired with quotes from other TV/film/media. One of my favourites is the one that matches Neal to a Zaphod Beeblebrox quote, and Peter harshing Neal's buzz - seriously, Peter's relationship with Neal can be summarised as follows:

Neal: YES.
Peter: NO.

Anyway. My favourite, which Neal does not appear in, is this one (Jones and Peter). (Okay, fine! It can be construed to be All About Neal, and it's why I love it, really.) A realllly close second is this one, matching Peter to a Dr. Who quote.

3. jrosemary of White Collar Fixation linked THIS FABULOUS January 2011 SEASON 2 PROMO. WITH PREVIEWS FROM THE FLASHBACK EPISODE WE'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR. Thoughts!Collapse )
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